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From 2,700 yen per day

Free pickup service to and from New Chitose Airport
Smooth and confortable Hokkaido travel with us

About us

Ones Rental Car New Chitose Airport Branch
Tel: 0123-22-8781
Address: Shinonome-cho 5-28, Chitose, Hokkaido, 066-0042

For Transportation service: 0123-22-8781
Operation hour; 8:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m

Toll free number for a reservation: 0120-15-3232
(for a fixed-line phone, Operation hour: 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.)

About our free transportation service

On the day of departure

when arriving at New Chitose Airport, station or hotel, call to transportation service number, 0123 - 22 - 8781
then, our transportation bus comes to pick you up.

For those who use the transportation service from stations or hotels

Our transportation service is available at New Chitose Airport, Chitose station, Minami Chitose station, and hotels near Chitose station.
Confirming the hotel and how many people are going to ride by your calling, we soon manage the bus to pick you up.

Those who use the transportation service from New Chitose Airport

The bus stand where you ride our bus is different depending on your airline.
Please confirm your bus stand from New Chitose Airport Bus Stands for Transportation Service, the bottom of this page to get on the bus smoothly.

About our free transportation bus

■A microbus or van is going to pick you up.
■On the bus, you can find "ワンズレンタカー" in Japanese.
■If overpopulated because of summer vacation or such long holiday season, the bus is going to depart when all the seats are filled.

The hotels where our free transportation service is available

  • Hotel areaone
  • Hyper hotel chitose
  • Airport hotel
  • Hotel route-inn chitose ekimae
  • Chitose daiichi hotel
  • Ana crowne plaza chitose.
  • Hotel wing international chitose
  • Air terminal hotel
  • Hotel grand terrace chitose

The bus stand for those who arrive at the international terminal